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A lot of visitors to my web site who are interested in Phuket real estate have been asking me a similar question… “Where can I find information on Phuket real estate for sale?”

I haven’t actually bought my own piece of Phuket real estate yet but I’m hoping to in the near future…

The aim of my web site is to pass on the best of everything in Phuket… so why not the best of Phuket real estate?

If you’re considering buying property here, there are so many real estate agents to choose from. Isn’t that the same everywhere?

So… how do you decide which one?

Well obviously it’s easier if you live here and have first hand experience with various agents. Or… if you have friends who can suggest someone from their experience.

But what if you have neither?

All I can say is that I spend most of the year here in Phuket so when visitors do ask the question I mentioned earlier, I usually refer them to someone who’ll look after them so my reputation is in safe hands.

When I write about my favourite restaurants or resorts, I’ll let you know about four or five tops. But when it comes to Phuket real estate agents… there’s really only one I trust!

If you want to be looked after by one of the best Phuket real estate agents I know to discuss your unique requirements for your new property in tropical paradise… click Phuket Real Estate Agent.

Be assured that your personal information will be safe and don’t worry… they won’t annoy you with lots of phone calls and they’ll respect your privacy.

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