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“There are literally hundreds of yacht charter businesses in Phuket but I’ve managed to find a luxury motor yacht charter that is really something special”

Luxury motor yacht charter in Phuket has become the holiday of choice for a lot of people with the recent development of world class marinas and yacht facilities.

So why not do it in style?

The motor yacht I’ve found for you is called Leylai (pronounced ‘lay-lie’) and it’s perfect for the yacht enthusiast who demands beauty, comfort and luxury all in the one package.

Luxury motor yacht charterLeylai is 76 feet long and was hand built in Italy.

The one thing you’ll notice that you don’t see in many motor yachts these days is lots of beautiful timber which creates a feeling of understated elegance and class.

I’ve been told that only a couple of these luxury motor yachts was built each year… probably because of the attention to detail.

They didn’t have much time to build any more!

According to the current owner, Leylai has been sailed around the Mediterranean for several years before she was bought to Hong Kong.

If you want to see her in action, get yourself a copy of the movie ‘Tai Pan’ starring Pierce Brosnan so when you do decide this is the luxury motor yacht charter for you, you can tell all your friends that you’ve been on the yacht from the actual movie.

Maybe even take a trip on Leylai to ‘James Bond Island’ just to complete the fantasy!

In fact speaking of movies… I found out that she was chosen by Joan Collins, Kevin Costner, Jackie Chan, Oliver Stone and Brian Ferry for their luxury yachting adventures!

Leylai has three luxurious cabins so you can invite another seven guests to join you during your cruise (if you decide to charter her overnight of course).

And as far as eating is concerned… how about catering by Rockfish Restaurant, which received the Thailand Tatler Magazine, ‘The Number One Restaurant in Phuket Award for 2005’.

Make sure you dine there while you’re here in Phuket by the way.

Richard Anthony, the proprietor, designs menus which I have no doubt will satisfy the sophisticated tastes of most guests aboard Leylai.

I’m told they can even customize the food and wine menus to satisfy the taste of any group who charter Leylai for one or several days!

So… isn’t this just the most perfect luxury motor yacht charter to explore the world famous Similan Islands?

You know… the famous islands off Phang Nga north of Phuket where they shot the James Bond movie ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’.

You’re probably already familiar with the limestone outcrops and those crystal clear jade waters so characteristic of Phuket.

You can also go snorkeling and scuba diving and explore the corals and the rich underwater sea life.

And how about an evening of elegant dining on Rockfish’s gourmet cuisine after a day of adventure?

You can even take this luxury motor yacht charter to the scene of yet another movie called ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio (the actor from ‘The Titanic’). I’m talking about Maya Bay near Phi Phi Island.

Why not design your own fantasy cruise and take along DVD’s of all these movies while you visit all these famous landmarks?

And if you really want to impress your business associates and clients, or have a wedding and reception you and your close friends will never forget, Leylai and her crew will ensure you have the escape of a lifetime.

This has got to be one of my favourite things to do in Phuket!

The captain and crew of the Leylai are really looking forward to spoiling you so don’t let them down and contact me so I can pass on your details to arrange a booking.

All your details are kept private and confidential and they’ll only contact you if you indicate you want them to.

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