Naturist Glossary Of Terms And Etiquette

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“For The First Time Visitor To A Naturist Beach Community”

So you want to check out a naturist beach community but don’t want to stand out?

Learn more by understanding a few terms:

  • Clothing Optional (CO): Wear a swimsuit… or not… your choice.
  • Free Beach: A nude beach.
  • Gawkers: People who stare… some beaches are worse than others for this.
  • Landed Club: A naturism group with its own area where you can go nude.
  • Non-Landed Club: A nudist group which meets at a designated area.
  • Nudist Colony: An antiquated term for naturism club.
  • Smoothie: A man or woman with a shaved pubic area.
  • Textile: The area of a clothing optional beach where swim-suite wearing humans congregate… can also be used to describe a non-nudist.
  • Topfree: Uncovered breasts.
  • Topless: Uncovered breasts. This word is generally not used in beach parlance as the word brings up images of strip clubs and various unsavory elements.

Just a bit of etiquette for the first visit:

Don’t be the first to strip off. If no one else is naked then there’s a good chance the spot is probably not clothes optional and you could be arrested for indecency!

Don’t gawk! People are not there to be looked at, most the time.

Don’t photograph people you don’t know unless it’s from far away, like a picture of the entire beach (not one bum)!

It’s one thing to break out your disposable Kodak camera, but a 35mm with a zoom lens makes people uncomfortable.

… and remember naturism clubs are not of a “Sexual Nature” they’re of a “FREE NATURE”

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joseph pires July 12, 2012 at 11:55 pm

I would like to visit Pukhet and i like to have a girlfriend to spend time with me . Can I in the nudist beache?

joseph pires July 12, 2012 at 11:59 pm

how long is the flight from bangkok

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